Varutharacha Kozhi curry

Kozhi varutharacha currry



1. Chicken ½ kg
2. Potatoes 2 no.s
3. Onion 2 no.s
4. Coriander seeds 2 tbsp
5. Red chillies 10 no.s
6. Pepper 1 tsp
7. Grated coconut 2 full cups
8. Small onions 6 to 8 no.s
9. Coconut oil 2 tbsp
10. Salt to taste
11. Green chillies/Ginger cut lengthwise
12. Small onions and curry leaves for tempering

Preparation Method

* Fry the coriander seeds, red chillies and pepper together and keep aside.
* Fry the grated coconut till it turns light brown and add small onions and curry leaves.
* Grind both these fried items separately.
* Mix the chicken, potato and onion with the coriander seeds, chilli and pepper mixture
* Add salt and pressure cook till the cheap jerseys wholesale chicken becomes soft.
* Once the chicken is tender, add the coconut mixture and let it boil once.
* Temper it with small onions and curry leaves in coconut oil.

Best combination with appam,chappathi,& meals

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