Tomato Pulao


Lets Get cheap jerseys wholesale the taste of  Tumato pulao


Cinnamon Stick – 1            Black pepper – 10/15         Cloves-5         Bay Leaves-2         Salt – to taste

Cardamon (Black)-2         Oil-50g            Onion -4     Tomato-5        Rice -2Cup(Prefer Biriyani  Rice)


Note :- keep the rice for 1/2 an hour in water)

Chop the Onion in long size

Cut tomato in large slice


In boiling pan of Oil put Cinnamon, Pepper, Cloves, Bay Leaves –

with in few minute add Onion stir it till its get golden brown color…

Add the tomato to the mix stir it…

Drain the water( clearly)

put it in the pan and mix it well (still it get red in color)

Add 4 cup of water[ for 2 cup of rice] boil it well

Add salt to taste…

Put the flame on Sim -cover and keep for 10 minute


Now you can check for taste 🙂


 Tips  😉  :: put some red chilly powder with the rice and if need put 4 and 1/2 cup of water …


wish u a About tastyyy…pulao






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