onion rava dosa

Dosa made using onion,rava and rice powder

Rava-1 cup
Rice powder/arippodi-1 cup
Maida/All purpose flour-half a cup
Water-3 cups
Onion-1 big
salt-as required
ghee/oil-to spread
green chillies/pacha mulaku-2
ginger chopped-half a spoon
hinge/kayam-half a spoon

Optional ingredients

Garlicpaste/veluthulli-half a spoon
cumin seeds/jeerakam-quarter spoon
cashew nuts
coriander leaves

Chop onions finely.
Mix rava,rice powder and maida along with water.It may be very watery and flowy.Still we need that quantity of water for a crispy rava dosa.
Add all other ingredients to the batter except ghee and onion.

Keep the batter closed for 15-20 minures.

Now keep the non-stick dosa pan on the stove top.
Sprinkle some onion on the pan.
The following is the most important step.Sprinkle the batter on the pan using your hand or a cup as convenient.Fill the gaps while sprinkling.Dont go on sprinking at the same place as it may thicken that particular portion of dosa.We need a crisp dosa and not a thick dosa.
Spread ghee/oil on dosa.

Wait for 2-3 minutes and you can see that the edges of the dosa starts coming out .


This dosa can be prepared any time of the day.
The dosa might not have a particular shape .
If the batter is kept closed for 30-40 minutes before making dosa it tastes better.
The rava in the batter may settle in the interval between 2 dosas.So before starting each dosa stir the batter .

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