1.koonthal cleaned and cut into rings – 1 kg
2.ginger – 1 piece

3.garlic – 4 pods
4.onion cut long – 2
5.meat masala – 2 tsp
6.chilli pdr – 2 tsp

7.coriander pdr – 2 tsp
8.garam masala – 2 tsp

9.curry leaves – as require
10.cocont thin slices – 1/2 cup


Add meat masala, half of ginger chopped,salt and turmeric pdr along with koonthal and cook for 3 whistles in a pressure cooker.
Heat 2 tbl spoon oil in a pan and fry the coconut then add chopped garlic,ginger,onion and fry it till golden brown . Add garam masala, coriander pdr, chilli pdr and curry leaves one by one till fry; add koonthal and fry till soft and dry ( If it cook more, the texture will become like rubber).

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