Fruity Veg salad

Fruity Veg. Salad.



•    Mango Diced-1

•    Carrot  Finely Chopped- 1/4 cup

•    White  sesame Seeds- 1 Tb Spoon

•    Red Capsicum-2 tb spoon

•    Yellow Capsicum-2 tb spoon

•    Cucumber-1 to 2 small

•    Strawberry Chopped-1/2 cup

•    Red Birds Eye Chilly-1 No.

•    Olive oil-1 Tea Spoon

•    Lettuce-1 cup

•    lime juice-1 to 2 tb spoon

•    Cashew nuts chopped- 2 tb spoon

•    Black Raisins-2 tb spoon

•    Almonds Chopped-1 tb spoon

•    Salt

•    Freshly Ground Pepper



•    Mix together Lettuce, Carrot, Capsicum, Strawberry, Mango, and Red birds eye chilly.

•    Now mix in the Dry fruits and Nuts.

•    When ready to serve mix in Lime juice, Salt, and Pepper.

•    Serve in a salad bowl or plate .

•    Glaze Fake Oakleys with Olive oil and sprinkle White Sesame Seeds.


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