Fruit Punch

Ingredients for Fruit Punch Recipe
Orange juice – 3 qts
Pineapple juice – 2 qts
Lemon-lime soda – 2 lt
Grenadine – 1/2 cup
Ice – 4 cups
Orange(medium) – 1 no
Lemon(medium) – 1 no
Lime(medium) – 1 no

Preparation Method of Fruit Punch Recipe
1)Combine juices, soda, and grenadine in a punch bowl.

2)Add ice.

3)Lay slices of fruit on ice to garnish.

:- Grenadine (grenadine syrup) is a blood-red, strong syrup made from pomegranates.

:- One can get this from store and can wholesale football jerseys china also make on your own.

:- Use 4 pomegranates to make about 2 cups of pomegranate syrup. After removing seeds, process with food processor knife blade. Simmer pulp with 1/4 cup honey over low heat 3 minutes. Stir well. Strain to remove seeds.

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