milk-1 1/2 cup<br cheap oakleys />
Condensed milk – 1/4cup
Red colour jelly – 1 pkt(u can use any colour green/yellow)
(prepare jelly acco.to the instruction in pkt&kept it in fridge to set&cut into small pieces)
Sweet fresh Fruits:
Apple-1/4 cup
Grapes-1/4 cup(without seeds)
banana-1/4 cup
plum-1/4 cup
Dried grapes/ broken cashews& badam -few

Sago seeds -2tbsp(tukmaria (basil seeds/ sabja/ falooda seeds)
(i used whitekhus khus for dis)(optional)
(Mainly pple use black khus khus on for falooda-its optional)
falooda sev or Vermicelli – 1/4 cup
(i use pakistani NFL Jerseys China vermicelli becoz dat is very thin one)<br The />
Rose syrup – 2tbsp
vanila essence-1/4 tsp(optional)
vanila ice cream -2/3 scoops

(u can also use d flavour of pista /strawberry)
Soak 2 tbsp of Khus Khus in half cup of water atleast for 1 hour.it`s size will start to enlarge.Add more water, if necessary.kept it aside.Mix 1 cup milk,condensed milk together & bring it to boil.When it starts boiling add sago seeds&vermicelli boil till it gets cooked.kept it aside.cut the allfruits into small pieces&broken the nuts into small pieces.kept it aside.
Take tall glass for serving.Put jelly pieces at the bottom.Nw On top of it,add cooked vermicelli&sago seeds,over dat add milk & On top of it, place finely cut pieces of fresh fruits.Again add jello pieces&broken nuts .Finally add 2 scoops of vanila ice cream then decorated with fruits pieces,nuts&rose syrup.serve immediatly.


  • u can change the layers acco to ur needs
  • Main imp is dat add icecream only at the time of serving.
  • u can increase or decrese the no .of fruits.
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