Easy &Healthy breakfast recipe


Mango- 2 nos.

Corn flakes-3 tb spoon

Oats Flakes – 2 tb spoon

Yoghurt-1 cup

Honey/Sugar-1 tb spoon

Raisins Black -2 tb spoon

Raisins-1 tb spoon

Almond Flakes- 2tb spoon

Pumpkin Seeds-2 tb spoon

Cashew Nuts-1 tb spoon (chopped)

 Method Of Preparation:

Roast oats in a frying pan until pale yellow. Allow it to cool. In a mixer grinder mix together the yoghurt, mango and honey (or sugar) if mango is not ripe enough. Mix the rest of the dry ingredients. Serve in a bowl the dry and wet mix alternately. Eat chilled 🙂

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