Chilly Chutney


  1. Chopped Red Chillies –  4 nos
  2. Chopped Green Chillies –  4 nos
  3. White Vinegar –  1 tbs
  4. Lime juice –  1 tbs
  5. Sugar –  1/2 tsp
  6. Lime : very thinly sliced –  1 no
  7. Finely chopped shallots –  2 nos
  8. Oil –  1 tbs
  9. Salt  –  to taste


Mix the lime and salt well and keep it aside for half an hour. Mix the chopped chillies with vinegar, stir it for few seconds and drain. Now mix the chillies, lemon juice, sugar, chopped shallots and oil. Add the salted lime slices to the mixture and mix it thoroughly. Serve the chutney in a non staining dish. This chutney can be had with mild or rich dishes.

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