Chicken Roll Recipe

Chicken Roll Recipe


• 1 Cup Cooked Chicken

• 2 Tomatoes

• 2 Onions

• 2 Eggs

• 1 Tsp Ginger Garlic Paste

• 1 Tsp Garam Masala

• Few Tortillas

• 2 Tsp Oil

• Salt to Taste

• Chili Powder


• Wash, clean, cut and cook chicken.

• Cut onion and tomato separately.

• Sauté chopped onions in heated oil.

• Add custom jerseys ginger garlic paste and fry.

• Add tomato and chicken.

• Fry well and add the chili powder, salt to taste and garam masala.

• Sauté well and remove from flame.

• Beat eggs with little salt in another bowl.

• Take a griddle and pour one tsp oil and 2 tbsp egg on it.

• Cover egg with a tortilla.

• When the egg is cooked, flip over the tortilla.

• Fill the tortilla with the chicken and top it with chopped onions, cilantro and a few drops of lime juice.

• Roll it up and put a tooth pick to seal

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