Badam milk shake

Ingredients for Badam Milk Recipe
Almond/Badam – 5 nos
Milk – 1 tumbler
Sugar – As reqd
Saffron(Kumkumapoovu) – Few strands
Pista ice cream – 1 Scoop
Horlicks – 1 tbsp(vanilla flavour)

Preparation Method of Badam Milk Recipe
1)For preparing badam milk for kids, first soak almonds overnight. Peel and cut blanched almonds into pieces.

2)Grind the almonds with milk nicely.

3)Soak saffron in 1 tbsp of warm milk for 15 minutes.

4)Bring milk mixture to boil and add saffron and sugar. Stir and remove vessel from fire.

5)Stir well and pour into a tumbler with horlicks from a height so a lot of froth will form on surface.

6)Refrigerate for 1 hour and top it with pista ice cream before serving. Badam milk for kids, a healthy as well as tasty drink, is ready.

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