Andi Unda or Cashewnut Balls



1C Cashewnuts
1/2C Parboiled rice
1C White sesame seeds
1/2 to 3/4C Jaggery grated
1C Grated coconut
1/2tsp Cardamom powder

1.Roast the rice till crispy.
2.Roast the sesame seeds and cashewnuts till light brown.
3.Powder this roasted rice,sesame seeds and cashewnuts.
4.Now put everything in a bowl.
5.Now add the grated jaggery,coconut and cardamom powder to this and mix well.
6.Now make small balls out of this mixture.
7.Enjoy the tasty balls……..

This goes to Cook Eat Delicious Desserts Hosted by Raven and co hosted by sensible vegetarian

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