Ras Malai


Ras Malai



Sweet Milk:
milk 1 kg
Sugar 10 tbsp
pistachioz 2 tbsp (crushed)
green cardamon 4-5 (ground the seeds)

boil milk with Sugar, Cardamon, and pistachios on low heat

Ras Malai Balls:

nido milk powder :: 1 cup
Baking powder :: 1 tsp
oil :: 1 tblsp
egg :: 1
all purpose flour :: 1 level tbsp

Will make about 18-20 balls (depending on ur size or shape of the ball)

mix all the ingredients and make small ballz, and add in boiling milk.

In a few minutes they’ll increase in size.

Ras Malai will be ready in 10 – 12 minutes. Or take one small piece out and cut it from the middle to see – if the nido is cooked or not –

Ras Malai is ready.

Garnish with chopped nuts.

Serve Chilled!!!

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